Sunday, July 18, 2010

SERIOUSLY stop it!!!

NOW what!!!!  jesus.  i'm losing my patience with the farm.
the yellow spots on the leaves, i was told, could be anything from overdrying/nutrient depletion to overwatering/fungus.  so do i water more?  water less?  keep doing exactly what i'm doing because no matter what it's going to pick up some malady anyway?  i really don't know, and getting advice is almost as frustrating as getting sick plants because diagnoses and advice, much like opinions, seem to be like assholes. 

so who knows.  i gave the farm a good dose of great big plant food and a massive watering and was going to just observe, but what i'm observing as of this morning is rotten-looking fruit??!!??  what is this?  i've heard the term blossom end rot tossed around a bunch, and that's kind of what it looks like, but how can i be sure?  and what's the appropriate course of action?  i'm tired of doing it wrong :/

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