Thursday, July 15, 2010


i'm pretty stoked right now.  i got home from work during daylight hours today (shocker, these days), which means i got to spend more than my 5 morning minutes with the farm.  and while doing so, among all the yellow and crusty and patchy and shrivelled and crunchy and spotty and neem-oiled i found.......signs of healthy and green!!  check it out!

the squash. 
compare to the squash leaf next to it.
the cucumber.
compare to the cucumber leaf next to it.
so, i mean, we're still a long ways from healthy -- overall the farm is still looking a mess.  but it's nice to know it hasn't entirely lost the capacity to produce healthy, intact things, and that it's trying to get back to its original, rightful, glory.

so while that's happening, here's today's installment of "look at baby #4 go!!!".  i mean look at it go!  remember when it was just a teensy seedling on top of my heater?  yeah... those were the days.
the only thing pissing me off right now is whatever this is.  it's the tomato plant i found aphids (?) on a day or two ago, so my best guess is this is the damage they managed to do before i neem oiled the shit out of it just now.  i'm going to ask the helpful gardener just in case, but i'm not holding my breath for a response.

so, bottom line: farm is in recovery, life's allright, and i'm going to put my legs up and watch cooking elimination competition shows on tivo :)

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