Monday, July 12, 2010

NOW what the #$%%#$#??!!??

seriously, does it ever stop??

now that the cucumber and squash have been relieved of most of their leaves (i haven't taken pictures b/c half naked plants just ain't pretty), i guess it's the tomatoes' turn to pick up some disease or another.  i tried to get advice from the helpful gardener, whose silence is proving rather unhelpful, but i think i'll just clip some leaves and take them to the gardening store before work tomorrow.  i mean, what IS this????  what am i doing to make it do that, or failing to do to prevent it???  i gave all the plants another neem oil hose-down yesterday - maybe too much?  or maybe it's yet another ailment for me to battle.  i am so frustrated right now.  it's happening to all three of my tomato babies.

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