Tuesday, July 13, 2010

lookin' up

i'm ever so slightly less discouraged today.

the guy at the gardening store this morning said everything will be fine.  as i had hoped, the black, waxy leaves are just the tomatoes' way of complaining about the previous day's neem oil drenching.  apparently i (and by i, i mean josh) set the dial wrong on the fancy mix-and-spray garden-hose-attachment contraption i bought, and what came out was far more concentrated than it should have been.  as long as i clip off the affected leaves, and figure out how to spray neem oil correctly (by hand from now on, blisters-be-damned), i'm golden.  no new disease to tackle - hooray!  as for the persistent white patches and brown spots on the squash and cucumber, he confirmed that it's just mildew, and had to do with the crappy cool weather and overcast mornings we've had.  with the upcoming heatwave (and hopefully a rest of the summer that feels like summer), that too should resolve.

the cucumber made me a cucumber.  i thought it was a sweet gesture.  i made tzatziki for dinner.

and the tomatoes are looking more and more encouraging every day.  although there's still only one that's producing, it's doing so in massive amounts.  i counted 5-6 vines of baby tomatoes this morning.  getting slightly impatient for them to ripen, but may that be the worst of my concerns.

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