Thursday, May 6, 2010

getting away with murder

a treacherous assault on tomato baby #3. 
the tomato instructions said that after developing a few sets of leaves, the babies should start going outside a couple of hours each day to get used to the elements.  a few days ago, i had to work late, and asked josh to bring them back in before dark.  when i got home that night, i found a fallen baby.  much like the late #2, #3 had become unable to stand on its own, toppling under its own weight and snapping in the process.  i was ready to give up, take the hint, accept my consistent pattern of collapsing plants rather than growing them.  but the next day, josh admitted that what i had found was the result of some rough handling on his part.  so, after some rough handling of josh on my part, i went to check on the baby, and miraculously-- it had raised its head toward the grow light again!  i guess it didn't snap all the way, so there is hope.  i have re-planted it much deeper in its container, so it's back to standing up and going strong.  fingers crossed.

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