Friday, May 14, 2010

fruits of my labor

and so it begins!!!  look at 'em go.  there is such joy in (sort-of) having created something.  i say sort-of because obviously it's seeds and sun and soil and water and i didn't actually *do* much, but come on!  that little fruit/vegetable wouldn't exist if i hadn't given it a home and made it so.  plus there is a sense of calm in knowing "everything is going according to plan."  i can be a crazy neurotic stressed out cat lady with 14 deadlines i'm unsure of meeting, yet a strawberry plant will make strawberries.  also did you know the strawberry flower *becomes* the fruit?  i didn't.

oh also, the last picture is of the patty pan squash i decided to get instead of a blueberry.  the blueberry looked kind of big, while this one looked a little more manageable at about 6 inches tall.  yeah, you know the thing about plants?  they grow.  in the 2 or so weeks since planting it, it has blown UP!  pretty amazing to watch.

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