Wednesday, May 26, 2010

because one is the loneliest number

my second earth box arrived last weekend!!  i had been planning on inheriting two, but it turned out that julia had enough room on her new balcony to keep one of her boxes after all.  so, after toying with the idea of just getting some pots for the tomato babies (and then discarding that idea, given the success of the box plants), i ordered a second one off amazon.  but soon after doing that, i also went to tomato class at a local gardening center, where i learned that my julia child heirlooms were going to be far too big to live in the box.  so, off i went, once again, to the sunday market to see what would make a good addition to the farm.  and i came home with........tomatoes.  yeah, i dunno.  it made sense at the time.

so here they are, a jaune flamme on the left, and a momotaro on the right.  i also planted the arugula, who tried to commit suicide a couple of days ago and took the entire herb garden with it.  some of it was salvageable, but i wasn't about to replant the chives strand by strand, so while i was picking up tomato seedlings at the market (for totally obvious reasons), i also replenished the herb garden.  i'm now rocking chives and garlic chives (i blame my grandma but i think they go in EVERYTHING), parsley, basil, thyme, and oregano.  ready to get some grillin' (and caprese-in') done.  as for the arugula, it's looking pretty sad, but maybe some earth box magic can restore its will to live.

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