Saturday, May 1, 2010

boxed up

i spent much of this afternoon playing in the dirt.  it was a very cathartic experience, and one i needed badly.  a girl can only "compete intellectually" and have the adequacy of her intelligence questioned so many times before she just wants to lug bags of soil and get dirt under her fingernails and create something that has a tangible outcome.  or better yet, an edible one.  so that's exactly what i did.  lookit how cute!  the strawberries are on the far left, the pepper in the middle, and the cucumbers on the far right.  i wound up putting the arugula in the herb garden, since there has been an empty patch ever since i killed the purple basil (not enough sun maybe?  who knows.)  but i'm already starting to regret that decision, i think it's going to get too big.  anyway, now i have an open spot in front of the pepper.  i'm thinking about a blueberry, but maybe i'll just see what strikes my fancy when i go to the market tomorrow.

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