Monday, May 24, 2010

fruits of my labor, pt II

i continue to watch in amazement as production of "things that look just like at the grocery store" progresses.  the grown-up part of me of course knows that things you get at the grocery store had to grow somewhere at some time, but the kid part of me is beyond thrilled that the ones i'm responsible for look just right, just like the stuff deemed fit for public consumption, just like they have for centuries.  the perfect little genetic programming is producing perfect little creatures (or whatever the plant equivalent of creatures is).  as cynical and jaded as i can be most of the time, i really am observing this daily progress with a childish sense of wonder and joy.  here's hoping the taste matches when harvest time comes around.

first mature sweet charlie.  i gave it to julia, whose earth box gift started it all.

 first gypsy sweet pepper.  it's progressing kind of slowly, but maybe making peppers is hard.

squash blossom!

first cucumbers, with pretty blossoms.  also look at how much the cuc has grown in 3 weeks!  out of control.

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