Wednesday, June 16, 2010

man down

tomato baby #3 didn't last long in the pot.  i don't know what happened.  i under-watered, i over-watered, june gloom, i have no idea.  that's what i get for getting pots instead of a third earth box, which is self-watering.  (but i think josh would have put the kibosh on excessive box purchasing anyhow)  maybe the baby never did recover from its prior murder attempt.  any way you cut it, it pretty much shriveled up within days of planting, and no attempts to revive it succeeded.  on the bright side, tomato baby #4, now the sole survivor, is looking great!!  strong and healthy and regal.  i'm a little reluctant to plant, given the fate of #3, but it won't stay happy in that little container much longer, so i need to get over it.

the adopted tomatoes, on the other hand, are quite the success story.  happily growing along.  need to install a trellis net soon.  and the arugula clearly survived its suicide attempt.  i haven't made anything with it yet, but i'm picking the occasional bite here and there, and it's proving pretty fantastic.  perfectly peppery at the back of your nose.  awesome.

in other news, the cucumber continues to climb like a champ.  it has now reached the top of the trellis.  curious if that means it'll stop growing now?  or maybe it'll just make its way back down.
it also made its first real cucumber!!!  (see rant about the joy of making things that look just like "the real thing.")  taste test for dinner!

and to conclude: squash like a muthahaha!!!

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