Tuesday, June 22, 2010

farm to din in, well, let's say 10 min

this one is kind of a cheat b/c only the squash and herbs are off the farm (and i used the one pepper the gypsy sweet has been working on for the past 2 weeks, but it's lost on the bottom somewhere), but it's pretty and makes me happy, so here.
i used this recipe for the marinade on the veggie kebabs, and this recipe for the okra (first okra of the season!  i think i might have squealed when i found it at the market.  it's not that i find it exceptionally delicious, it's more that for about 28 years i was unaware of its existence, and then i spent some time being scared of it, so when i finally tried it (damn stuff kept showing up in the CSA box i was getting at the time), it was such a pleasant surprise to find it not totally disgusting, that now i'm kind of enamored with it).  so anyway, the veggie kebabs were fantastic, and the okra.... i gave to josh.  that's what i get for listening to bobby flay.

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