Sunday, June 20, 2010

better luck to you, #4

planted the last of the tomato babies.  godspeed, #4.  it looks much healthier and sturdier than its fallen sibling, so fingers crossed that this one will make it.  i think i'll have to give up entirely otherwise.  a girl can only stomach so many dead babies.

elsewhere on the farm, the cucumbers are in full-on production mode.  i always thought that i could eat my weight in cucumbers, but now that i actually AM.... oof.  i wouldn't dare complain though, i love that i have a slow and steady supply, rather than buying a bunch at the market on sunday and then inevitably winding up with a handful of rubbery sad ones by the end of the week.  plus they are absolutely delicious, fresh as fresh can get.  lovin' it!

and finally, since after the fall of tomato baby #3, i now had an extra pot and soil, i decided to bring a new addition to the family: lettuces!  now i never have to leave the house for a salad again :)

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