Saturday, June 5, 2010

farm update

the squash has staged some kind of hostile takeover.  it's kind of obnoxious, and i worry that it's going to edge out the other plants.  sweet charlie, for example, hasn't produced any strawberries since the first three.  instead, he's just sending out these weird long feeler-like stems (in some cases several feet long) that creep all over the place (one seen hanging over the edge of the box here).  i'm guessing he's looking for more sun, but there's only so much i can do, with this unexpected squashsplosion going on.  i'm going to need to figure out something to prop the squash against before it tips the box!

also seen here: i planted tomato baby #3!  i would have planted #4 too, but i ran out of soil.  project for next weekend.

the upside to the squash takeover:  squash like a muthahaha!
the cucumbers are also climbing like it's a contest.  i can't believe how tall they've gotten in such a short amount of time - and no sign of stopping.  their little tendrils are amazing, grabbing on to things, wrapping tightly.  they've grabbed on to everything from the trellis string to the other plants, so i'm trying to keep them in check, but man are they fascinating as hell.
much like sweet charlie, the gypsy sweet pepper doesn't seem happy to be here.  it's still faithfully (albeit slowly) producing peppers, but it hasn't grown at ALL.  maybe the ties for the stake (that it totally doesn't need) are too tight.  maybe not enough sun (thanks, squash).  or maybe i just got a bum plant.  i really don't know.  i'm toying with the idea of taking it out and giving it its own pot, but at this point all the guys' roots are probably intertwined and digging things up will do more harm than good.  guess i'll just keep my eye on it.
oh, herro!

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