Saturday, April 17, 2010


the tomato instructions said not to take the babies outside the first couple of weeks, so they have been living on window sills.  our south-facing window is shaded by the roof and tall trees, and we don't have any north-facing windows with sills.  so the babies spend the morning in a window facing east, and a couple of hours later i make josh move them to another window facing east because the first window gets shady from a tree.  early p.m. i make josh move them to the bedroom window, which faces west.  it is a demanding regimen and josh thinks i'm nuts.  but in theory, this adds up to ~6-8hrs of direct sun per day.  from the looks of it, though, that isn't what's happening, because the babies are flopping around, can't support their own weight, can't stand up on their own, desperately stretch for more light.  so i took them on vacation when we went to coachella, where they could hang out in warm temps and full sun all day.  figured a little desert r&r would do 'em good.

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